ADHD+ Support, Chelmsford Essex

Welcome to the ADHD+ Support, based in Chelmsford, Essex.  We are charitable organisation with a primary aim of providing information, support and services to those with ADHD and its many associated and co-existing conditions.  We are primarily run by volunteers who have a personal connection with these conditions.

Our work is with those who have or are in the process of obtaining a diagnosis of ADHD, their families, parents/guardians, and professionals, to help find and provide better ways to help cope with the day to day struggles.

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  ADHD+ Support

Our Name and Our Aims
Our name ADHD+ Support contains multiple meaning which are aimed to provide a range of meanings to present our aims.

  • "A+" Quality Support
    We wish to provide the highest quality support.
  • ADHD and more...
    We aim to support not just ADHD but also the full ranged of associated and co-existing conditions.
  • The individual
    The person is so often seen as ADHD, however we see the person as a whole. ADHD is just one aspect of what makes that individual who they are and we aim to support all aspects of their lives not just one area.
  • The Support Unit
    Again we recognise that ADHD'ers are not islands in society, and so we aim to also support the whole family including parents/guardians, siblings and the wider family, and also those who provide support in other areas including educational professionals, medical professionals and employers.
  • Full Potential
    We also aim to cater for much more than getting by in life but rather we aim to help them excel and achieve their full potential in all areas including social, education and working careers.

Our Successes
In addition to support group meetings we also provide parents with help via telephone, email and in person.  Our aim is to improve the lives of parents and those with ADHD, and our advice is of a practical nature based on personal experience.  As such we cannot guarantee that all the advice can help everyone however we believe that our success shows that the advice is effective.

A week after a two hours introduction course, a mum, who has a 7 year old daughter with ADHD, informed us:

Thank you for meeting with me, so far it has been very helpful ... Good news though although not actually going to sleep until 9pm she has been staying in her room and when told 'no this is it' has finally gone to sleep and I have had to wake her for school in the morning - very unheard of!!

After a number of sessions a mum, who has a 14 year old son with ADHD, informed us:

Your information has been very helpful. You have made me rethink my approach to my son's behaviour and made me feel more positive about his future.  He was and is still a little negative about having ADHD, but was impressed with the amount of famous people who have or have had it. The most invaluable help is knowing you are at the end of a computer if I need any support, and that there can be a positive outcome with ADHD.

Let us know if you've been helped by our advice, by sending an email to

Other conditions catered for:
Although our main focus is on ADHD we also cater for a wide range of associated and co-existing conditions which include, but not exclusive to, Opposition Defiant Disorder (ODD) & Conduct Disorder (CD), Learning difficulties (e.g. dyslexia, dysphasia, dyscalculia, and dyspraxia), Tourette Syndrome (TS), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and other Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar & Depression, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and other personality disorders. We also provide support for neurological conditions which are seen in families with ADHD and have a growing scientific link to ADHD and its commonly associated conditions which include neurological conditions such as Chiari Malformation Type I, and other medical conditions such as hypoglycemia and autoimmune conditions.

Invite us to do a talk
If you live and/or work in Essex then we are happy to come to your local school and give a talk on "What is ADHD?".  As we are a not-for-profit organisation all we ask for is either a collection box for donations at the meeting or for our time and travel expenses to be covered.  We would like to get more information out to parents, schools and others who come into contact with ADHD, have ADHD, or live with someone with ADHD.  We present in an easy to listen way and provide the key information on this site and a much more.  Contact for more details.


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