"Is ADHD a Real Condition?"

Unfortunately due to negative press about ADHD many people in society seem to have an impression that ADHD is some how not a real condition.  We often face statements from people who say "I don't believe ADHD is a real condition" or even statements say that those with ADHD are "ignorant poorly behaved attention seekers".  We could list a great many of these however like with any other disability those with ADHD face prejudice and discrimination.

We would like to address this problem somehow.  We hope that the other pages on this website which share information about the biological and neurological aspects of the condition will persuade more people that this is a genuine and very concerning condition which can negatively affect people for many years and is made worse by the prejudice that those with the condition encounter.  They instead are presented with behaviour that they assume must be acceptable but when they act the same way as they are treated society reacts still further.  This escalation only makes the problem worse and does not help the individuals.  With the right care and support those with ADHD can live normal and productive lives adding a real and positive contribution to society.

Our prisons unfortunately are full of people with ADHD because for so many years they were ostracised, treated as stupid, and given few options to live normal lives.  Additionally our NHS is overwhelmed by those who managed to get by without a criminal record but have suffered from conditions ranging from Bipolar,  Depression, Conduct Disorders, Schizophrenia, Personality Disorders and much more believed to be caused by individuals not have received help and support that they needed as children.

Our society is improving with how to deals with disabilities however physical disabilities (disabilities made obvious by significant physical traits) seem to be treated better than non-physical disabilities.  All public accessible premises, employers and public sector buildings are required to include ramps etc.  What we are asking for is similar.  Put simply the right to live life without harassment, prejudice and discrimination about what society does not understand.  To help with this we actively share knowledge with anyone who is willing to listen.

Are Headaches real?
Despite the evidence for ADHD people view addictions and even headaches as more likely to be real than ADHD.  It needs to be understood that headaches cannot be proven or disproven and cannot be quantified by MRi Brain Scans so do we say that they must be made up?

Is the Menopause real?
Many women really struggle through the menopause and indeed many men suffer from a similar problem in later life.  They face difficulty with emotional imbalances, hormone imbalances and mental capacity problems.  Again this could be easily dismissed and ridiculed through ignorance.  Indeed many leading scientists point out that ADHD is extremely similar to what women go through in menopause and is described by the leading scientists as "menopause x100".

Are Smoking Addictions real?
Smoking destroys your pre-frontal cortex and causes you to lose the ability to control your motivation gland in the brain. Smokers effectively cause themselves to experience a number of ADHD symptoms and create an "addiction" another word for "the inability to motivate yourself to stop an activity which is bad for you". Likewise smokers cause themselves the to need further stimulation to get your brain to work and probably over drink coffee to compensate for the damage they have caused.

All this said ADHD is actually a condition in which although able to be mimicked by damaging your brain is very different in key aspects. Firstly the individual shows no sign of brain damage whatsoever! The areas of the brain are active but not to the level anticipated in the majority of society, and in some types of ADHD is much more active than the majority of society. ADHD could be described as being very normal whilst creating very abnormal outcomes. Normality is defined by 60% of the population. Whatever the argument people have on benefits or problems of ADHD what is very clear is that those with ADHD struggle to integrate and work with with the wider population. On average they have higher IQ levels than the average person however struggle with what others view as simple tasks.

Help us raise better awareness of ADHD and even other conditions affecting the brain. 



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