Diary of Meetings

Invite us to do a talk
If you live and/or work in Essex then we are happy to come to your local school and give a talk on "What is ADHD?".  As we are a not-for-profit organisation all we ask for is either a collection box for donations at the meeting or for our time and travel expenses to be covered.  We would like to get more information out to parents, schools and others who come into contact with ADHD, have ADHD, or live with someone with ADHD.  We present in an easy to listen way and provide the key information on this site and a much more.  Contact for more details.

Future Meeting Topics:
We are currently in the progress of looking to get speakers on the following topics and are actively booking dates with potential speakers.  We hope to be releasing details of dates of these meetings as soon as is possible.  We hope to increase the number of meetings to two each half term.  We aim to ensure that one meeting is provided to a 'guest speaker' who will provide details of their work and answer questions directly on what they have presented.  The other meeting will be dedicated to a brief informational talk and an open discussion forum to answer burning questions and obtain support.  As always any urgent questions which need a response before the next meeting can be emailed to


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Details of our meetings are on a Diary