List of Known Problem Chemicals

List of Known Problem Chemicals

Known ADHD Problem Chemicals
This list is known to cause issues for ADHD and other neurological conditions.  These chemicals are known to negatively affect attention, hyperactivity, inhibition, emotion/behavioural control, memory, verbal and written comprehension, time management and much more besides in individuals with ADHD and co-existing conditions. 

E102 Tartrazine  
E104 Quinloine Yellow  
E110 Sunset Yellow
E120 Cochineal  
E122 Carmoisine  
E123 Amaranth  
E124 Ponceau 4R  
E127 Erythrosine
E128 Red 2G  
E129 Allura Red AC  
E131 Patent Blue V  
E132 Indigo Carmine  
E133 Brilliant Blue  
E142 Green S  
E150b Caramel  
E150c Caramel
E150d Caramel  
E151 Brilliant Black  
E154 Brown FK  
E155 Brown GT  
E160b Annatto  
E161g Ganthaxanthin  
E171 Titanium Dioxide  
E173 Amuninium
E180 Pigment Rubine, Lithol Rubine BK  
Preservatives, Oxidants & Antioxidant
E210-219 Benzoates  
E220-228 Sulphur Dioxide & Sulphates  
E230-232 Benzene Derivatives
E249-250 Nitrites  
E251-252 Nitrates  
E280-283 Propionic Acid, Propionates
E310-312 Propyl Gallate & Gallates  
E320 Butylated Hydroxyanisole  
E321 Bytylated Hydroxytolunene  
E338 Phosphoric acid
E339-343 Phosphates  
Emulsifiers & Thickeners
E407 Carrageenan
E413 Targaxanth Gum  
E420 Sorbitol (also sweetener)  
E421 Mannitol  
E430-436 Polyoxyls  
E450-452 Di/Tri/Poly phosphates  
Flavour Enhancers
E621-623 (MSG) Glutamates  
E624 Calcium ribonucleotides  
E627 Phosphates  
E628,630-633 Inosinic, inosinate, di(metal)  
E634-635 Ribonucleotides  
E906 Gum benzoic  
E1410-1414 Phosphates  
E1442 Phosphate  
Flour treatment agent
E927a Azodicarbonamide  
Known Carcinogens
E924 Potassium Bromate  
E925-6 Chlorines  
Sweeteners (All Sweeteners)
E950 Acesulfame-K  
E951 Aspartame  
E952 Cyclamate  
E953 Isomalt  
E954 Saccharin
E960 Stevia (Steviol Glycoside)  
E965 Maltitol  
E966 Lactitol  
E967 Xylitol  
E968 Erythritol  
E420 Sorbitol  


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