Petitions to help those with ADHD

Prime Minister Petitions

As a support group we believe that it is important to support parents as much as possible.  Unfortunately that support can be restricted by policies held by government.  Such policies affect how the our Health and Education system (NHS & DfES) are able to allocate resources, training for staff, and practical community help.  As such we wish to empower parents to ask the government to make changes to current policies.  We will regularly check to see what 'digital' petitions are being made to the Prime Minster on issues relating directly to ADHD and other Autistic Spectrum Conditions.  As a group we will also from time to time create our own petitions which we hope will gain support from the wider community to help the parents and children we represent.

Current Petitions being made:

Get OFSTED to recognise ADHD
Link to petition

Justice for Jane - Combating view of "Bad Child" in schools
Link to petition


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