Aims of

Our Aims

We are currently a volunteer support group of parents, those with ADHD, and interested parties.  We currently do not have funding, however are happy to receive contributions towards the cost of running the group.

Our key aim is to support each other where we can in sharing up to date information, general and knowledge, and recommendations learnt from sheer experience.  We endeavour to encourage each other, provide positive helpful advice, and most importantly look to find ways to provide practical help and support to families and adults and/or children with ADHD.

We would like to "Help ADHD children enjoy life", and provide a "relaxing, helpful and positive environment" for parents and those with ADHD to make positive progress into the future.

We would like to develop as a support group and use our combined strength to raise awareness of ADHD in the wider community, schools/colleges/universities, NHS, and Government.


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Details of our meetings are on a Diary