Co-Existing and Related Conditions

There has been much investigation into the range of co-existing or co-morbid conditions often associated in the past with ADHD.  This page shares the latest understanding on the relationships between these conditions.  Our statistics are based on official releases of information which are subject to change as more is understood about these various conditions.


  • 80% of those with ADHD will have another co-existing condition
  • 50% of those with ADHD will have two or more co-existing conditions

Conditions Linked to ADHD

  • Opposition Defiant Disorder (ODD) - 65+% within 2+ years
  • Conduct Disorder (CD), which is level 2 ODD - 25-45%
  • Depression - 20-25%
  • Anxiety Disorders - 25-35%
  • Learning Difficulties (LD) - 50%+
    (includes Dyslexia and Dyscalculia etc)

Tics, Tourette's Syndrome & OCD
Tics affect 10-15% of adolescents and is only slightly higher amongst those with ADHD.  Tourette's Syndrome (TS) and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) are now considered to be the same group of conditions.  OCD & TS are often diagnosed in the same individuals and within family groups.  if you have Tourette's Syndrome and/or OCD you will most likely also have ADHD; however only 1-2% of those with ADHD will have these conditions.

Learning Difficulties
Reading and Written comprehension issues are discovered to be directly linked to ADHD and so assistance with ADHD has a direct bearing on Reading and Written comprehension issues.  Learning Difficulties such as reading, spelling, maths and language are not directly linked however can often be experienced by the person with ADHD however the treatments for ADHD will not have any bearing on these aspects.

Bipolar like with Tourette's Syndrome and OCD has a one way relationship with ADHD.  Only 2-6% of those with ADHD have bipolar however there is a significant number of those with bipolar that have ADHD.  The findings are dependent on the age when Bipolar was first present.  Adult onset Bipolar has a 25% probability of ADHD, whilst child onset Bipolar has a 97% probability of ADHD.


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