Vitamins and Minerals with ADHD

Vitamins & Minerals

As with everyone else in society, it is important for those with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder to maintain a good balanced diet.  It has however been proven that those with ADHD and other Autistic Spectrum Conditions suffer from specific conditions which themselves can cause vitamin or mineral deficiencies.  They have also discovered that the stomach and intestines, like our brains, have grey matter.  This in turn may affect the way in which the human body varies in how it deals with food.  Given that ADHD and ASD are well known to be a different way of the human brain to develop and finally operate it is not surprising that this impact affects how the rest of the body also operates.

 We will share the main issues highlighted which affect a significant proportion of those with these conditions, however parents with children that have ADHD need to know that their child can become deficient in any vitamin and mineral.  The NHS views deficiency based on extreme variations of the human body however individually we all have different levels of requirements and usage, therefore symptoms of deficiency are the best guage as to whether someone is deficient or not rather than a government approved level of the most extreme variations in human beings.

Eating at regular times, and holding a steady routine is also very important.  This is true with regard to health and weight for the whole of the human race, however ADHD and other Autistic Spectrum Conditions prefer or require routine.  Check out about this and other aspects in our section that explains what ADHD is and how it affects individuals.  That said often the most significant issue is that prolonged gaps between eating does cause issues unrelated to routines and/or changes in environment.  This is currently put down to the body requiring vitamins and minerals which may be in short supply around the body, and accompanies exhaustion.  After all it is easy to understand why, especially when you consider how much activity the ADHD individual is involved in.

There is growing evidence that individuals with ADHD have a high metabolism and due to the complexity of vitamins and minerals ADHD'ers are unable to absorb them as most people do.  Although many show signs of  deficiencies they are normally not low enough to register as a deficiency with the NHS.

Currently the condition Pyroluria Syndrome is known to affect 30-50% of those diagnosed with ADHD.  This causes deficiencies in Zinc and Vitamin B6.  This said, a significant number of those with ADHD who do not have Pyroluria Syndrome can still be found to be deficient in Zinc and/or Vitamin B6.  As such we would recommend that everyone diagnosed with ADHD should consider having a test for Pyroluria Syndrome and for deficiencies in the full range of vitamins and minerals (especially Zinc and B6).  These tests can be obtained from your GP, or privately.  If your GP is unwilling to assist and you would like to obtain such tests privately please let us know at we may be able to organise discounts (e.g. up to 75% off) from advertised prices of private clinics.  This site provides details of these conditions and their symptoms.

The most common vitamins ADHDers show signs of deficiency are Zinc & B6 however many also show signs for calcium, chromium, copper, essential fatty acids, magnesium, iron and selenium.

One example of a vitamin deficiency which is often not diagnosed is  B12 which is considered by the manufacturers and world heath authority as being deficient at 1,500 pg/mL or less; however the NHS does not consider it to be a deficiency unless under 350 pg/mL. Here is an example article showing a clear link with ADHD/AS entitled B12 Deficiency: A Silent Epidemic with serious Consequences.

Treatment for Pyroluria Syndrome and/or other vitamin/mineral deficiencies are simple and can be provided through the NHS,  treated with changes to diet, and/or via regular supplements.

We recommend that every ADHD individual take a daily Vitamin and Mineral Complex, that ideally does not contain any chemicals listed under "Known Problem Chemicals", to be taken daily.  Please note that taking vitmain and mineral complexes affects diagnosis and may prevent diagnosis.  The best good product we have located is the Vitabiotics range of products such as Well Kid, Well Teen, Well Man & Well Woman and can be purchased from most chemists and supermarkets however is cheaper via our Online Store.  NB:  Other brands have been checked and all to date contain worse or higher levels of "Known Problem Chemicals" compared to Vitabiotics in their WellKid range but seem not to use any in their other ranges.


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