Learning Disabilities

Reading Disorder (70-80% of Learning Disabilities)
Commonly known as Dyslexia
Dyslexia used to be called "Word Blindness" and related to the following difficulties:

  • Difficulty with phonemic awareness;
  • Accurate and/or Fluent Word Recognition;
  • Word Decoding;
  • Reading Rate;
  • Prosody (oral reading with expression);
  • Reading Comprehension (ADHD Directly Linked to this aspect)

Disorder of Written Expression
Commonly known as Dysphasia
This learning disability is evidenced by:

  • grammatical and punctuation errors within sentences;
  • poor paragraph organization;
  • multiple spelling errors;
  • excessively poor handwriting;

Mathematical Disorder
Commonly known as Dyscalculia
This results in the following areas of difficulties being experience:

  • Quantity, Place value & Time;
  • Memorizing math facts;
  • Organizing numbers;
  • Understanding how problems are organized on the page;

Nonverbal Learning Disability
Commonly known as Dyspraxia
Those with this issue have difficulty with:

  • Motor Clumsiness (Large and/or Small);
  • Poor visual-spatial skills;

ADHD and Learning Disabilities
Many of the websites dealing with the above conditions often list ADHD related symptoms as being common with these conditions.  Recent discoveries using brain scans have however shown that these are indeed ADHD and often those with diagnosis of Learning Disabilities have not had a diagnosis of ADHD which in many cases would prove helpful and aid their learning as ADHD is the most treatable Neurological condition in existence.

Likewise Learning Disabilities are not a required component of ADHD with 50% of ADHDers not having any learning difficulties at all.  That said those with ADHD have a much higher likelihood of having learning difficulties than the average population due to the nature of the involvement of Executive Functions (Pre-Frontal Cortex) in the learning process.



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