What is ADHD?

A.D.H.D. stands for Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder and was finally coined as the title for the condition in 2000 by the United Nations World Health Authority.  Prior to that there were over 200 years of discussions about a significant proportion of society who portrayed a series of symptoms and difficulties which many have tried to explain and help.

share a key understanding of the condition based on all the leading documentation and presentations on the condition.  All the information contained in this site is a balanced view of the opposing sides of the ongoing debate.  The conclusions are based on the personal experiences of those with ADHD and the success of advice based on this information in helping those with ADHD.  We recognise that not everyone will agree with our assessment however we believe that the science and reality of our success with helping those with ADHD combine to prove our position correct.  We of course will revise all aspects as new findings in science are released, that said to date we have found that the science has at each stage proved our overall understanding correct and helped refine the reasons for what we observe.

You will note that there is a clear difference between what we share with you and what the press present in headline grabbing articles.  We hope that what we share will help to combat the wrong views of the condition in society, the press, government, health professions and the education establishment and build a better future for those with ADHD and their families.

Incorrectly Named
ADHD was fundamentally misnamed.  When one looks at Attention Deficit Disorders and Hyperactivity Disorders we discover a very differ set of conditions which do not resemble ADHD'ers or the problems they experience on a day to day basis.  The terms was coined based on the subjective and negative symptoms which seemed to be portrayed by the condition rather than based on the official terms from which it was compiled.  This has led to a very dismissive and negative view of the condition in which society driven by the press refer to it as the "badly behaved" condition.

In this website we present ADHD as a Neurodevelopmental Condition which based on brain scans has been proven to be a Executive Function Disorder, and may well see the name of the condition changed in light of the scientific evidence.

Originally ADHD was rejected as an Executive Function Disorder based on the text books for that condition but the brain scans have shown that the books need to be re-written and for a completely new understanding of the brain be accepted.

Key Aspects of the Condition
As we will explain in further sections of this website ADHD can be more helpfully understood in the following terms:

  • "Time Blindness Disorder"
  • "Self Motivation Disorder"
  • "Emotion Moderation Disorder"

But put simply is a group of people who "Live in the Now".



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