Famous People with ADHD/AS

History has and will probably look favourably on those in this list. Indeed society owes a great deal to many on this list, leaving us to wander what society would have been like without their personal contribution. This said, we must remember that the vast majority of people who have had ADHD, ASD, Dyslexia and other related conditions will never appear on this list. Like them, most of those who do appear on this list were not popular, were not considered extraordinary during their time, never had a penny to rub together, and have not been scientific geniuses, but wandered if the world would notice they had ever existed. Each name here represents hope, ambition, gifts and above all confirmation that despite their personal struggle through out life, those who have these conditions can and do make a real and fundamental difference to those they come into contact with. They have earned as much right as the rest of society to be accepted, and treated with respect and dignity, and be provided with the high quality of education experienced by their peers.

Sources:  ADHD Texas, ADHD Relief, Adult/Child ADHD, and many other websites.  is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

Disclaimer:  The following list contains people who have diagnosis or ADHD, ASD, Dyslexia or another related condition.  ADHD has been around discussed since the 1790's.  Most of those still alive have specifically been diagnosed with the condition, the remainder and those who died prior to this date have been professionally diagnosed using the diagnosis rules being applied to their biographies.  Some of the above listed websites provide links to websites which confirm their ADHD diagnosis or their biographies which fulfil the diagnosis rules.

Acting / Directors
Ann Bancroft
Bill Cosby
Danny Glover
Dustin Hofman
F. Scott Fitzgerald
George Burns
George C. Scott
Henry Andersen
Henry David Thoreau
Henry Winker
Harry Belafonte
James Stewart
Jim Carrey
Keanu Reeves
Kirk Douglas
Lindsay Wagner
Mariette Hartley
Mariel Hemmingway
Robin Williams
Steve McQueen
Suzanne Somers
Steven Spielberg
Sylvester Stallone
Tom Cruise
Tom Smothers
Tracey Gold
Ty Pennington
Will Smith
Whoopi Goldberg
Frank Lloyd Wright    
Ansel Adams
August Rodin
Pablo Picasso
Salvador Dali
Vincent Van Gogh
Alberto Tomba
Babe Ruth
Bruce Jenner (Decathlon)
"Carl" Lewis (Runner)
Greg Louganis (Diving)
Fernando Verdasco (Tennis)
Hank Kuehne (Golf)
Jackie Stewart
Jason Kidd
Luke Kohl (Golf)
"Magic" Johnson
Michael Jordan
Michael Phelps (Swimming)
Nolan Ryan
Pete Rose
Terry Bradshaw
Tim Herron (Golf)
Andrew Carnegie
Bill Gates
F W Woolworth
Henry Ford
John D. Rockefeller
Malcolm Forbes
Walt Disney
William Randolph Hearst
William Wrigley, Jr.
Wright Brothers
Billy Connolly
Jay Leno
Michael Palin
Robin Williams
Woody Allen
Jamie Oliver    
Film Director
Alfred Hitchcock    
Agatha Christie
Edgar Allan Poe
Ernest Hemingway
George Bernard Shaw
Hans Christian Anderson
Jules Verne
Jim Henson
Leo Tolstoy
Lewis Carroll
Mark Twain
Sir Richard Francis Burton
Samuel Johnson
Thomas Carlyle
Valerie Hardin
William Butler Yeats
Alan Turing Galileo  
Eddie Rickenbacker General George Patton General Westmoreland
Adam Levine
Bob Dylan
Elvis Presley
George Frideric Handel
John Denver
John Lennon
Ludwig van Beethoven
Michael Jackson
Robby Williams
Ozzy Osbourne
Stevie Wonder
Wolfgang Mozart
Abraham Lincoln
Anwar Sadat
Anna Eleanor Roosenvelt
Dwight Eisenhauer
George Bush, Snr
George Bush, Jnr
John F Kennedy
Thomas Jefferson
Napoleon Bonaparte
Gamal Abdel-Nasser
Nelson Rockafeller
Prince Charles
Robert F Kennedy
Winston Churchill
Woodrow Wilson
Science and Invention
Albert Einstein
Alexander Graham Bell
Benjamin Franklin
Hans Asperger
Harvey Cushing M.D.
Sir Isaac Newton
James Clerk Maxwell
Leonardo Da Vinci
Louis Pasteur
Michael Faraday
Nikola Tesla
Russell Varian
Thomas Edison
Werner von Braun



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